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   Mesko lived in the Nashville area from 1997 – 2005 and played with such international jazz greats as Les McCann, Tony Monaco, Dr. Lonnie Smith, John Jorgensen and Jeff Coffin.

​   Since moving to central Virginia in 2005, Brian has been privileged to play with such artists as Robert Jospe, Butch Taylor, Dane Alderson, John D’earth, Bobby Read, Charles Owens, Jonah Kane-West, Liz Barnes, Bob Margolin, Mud Morganfield Jr., Big Bill Morganfield Jr., Wayne Newton, Michael Allman, Groove Collective, and the DJ Williams Projekt.

​   ​While Brian currently plays in many local projects, Jstop Latin Soul is his outlet to explore the vast world of Latin rhythms and music on the bass guitar.

​   Brian currently resides with his wife and son in Roanoke, VA working as a session player, performer, teacher and guitar professor/ensemble director at the University of Lynchburg.  

Check out more of Brian's schedule, and original music:

   Raised with a family of musicians in Little Rock, AR, Mesko began piano lessons at age 8 and quickly added guitar, bass and drums to his studies. Early prog rock influences like ELP and Jethro Tull led Brian to fusion and jazz, developing a passion for and emulating artists like John McLaughlin, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Wes Montgomery.

   In high school Brian began gigging professionally, and studied Jazz Theory & Guitar Ensemble at UALR under Michael Carenbauer (who studied under Pat Metheny at Berklee). Taking these credits on to MTSU, Brian completed a bachelor’s degree in Recording Industry.

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